Monthly Archives: January 2007

Prayer for Wine

Heavenly Father, we thank you for this Cup and the blood of grapes symbolizing the blood of the True Vine, Jesus Christ, our Lord and Saviour. Thank you, gracious Lord, for reconciliation and new life by the power and presence of the Holy Spirit as we participate in Jesus’ transfigured humanity. May we proclaim the Lord’s death until He returns, for you have chosen to strengthen and renew us at this most blessed table. Come, Lord Jesus. Amen.

Peter Pan

Portrait of a Modern Man

Wishing I were Peter Pan
That I did not know any stories
Which would be a marvelous excuse
For being the Meathead and Ass
That I am

But unlike Peter Pan
My friend does not call me an Ass
Or at least not to my face
Only prolonging my misery and
Wretched state

East of Harmon Street

The Hoosier Alleyway

I like to watch the Cars on the road intersecting the alleyway
Which I walk along as I shortcut across the town to work
The Cars come and go and I watch them
My head looking left to right and back again

One would think I was at the All England Lawn Tennis Club
And that the Cars were tennis balls being volleyed between the giants
But no — they are still Automobiles and I am still in the alleyway
Pretending that their exhaust is either large cotton-balls or
The ghosts of dogs nipping at their heals