Monthly Archives: March 2012

The Church According to James B. Jordan

I have been listening to a collection of lectures from the 1990s on worship by James B. Jordan. Lots of excellent quips, here are a few:

“The Church creates civilization.”

“The Church is the nursery of culture.”

“The Church also is the pioneer of the Kingdom of God.”

“The Church controls the world through the liturgy of the Church.”

Van Til: Christian Metaphysics

“So I point out that the Bible does contain a theory of reality. And this theory of reality is that of two levels of being, first, of God as infinite, eternal, and unchangeable and, second, of the universe that is derivative, finite, temporal and changeable. A position is best known by its most basic differentiation. The meanings of all words in the Christian theory of being depend upon the differentiation between the self-contained God and the created universe” (Cornelius Van Til, The Defense of the Faith (4th Edition by P&R Publishing, 2008), 237).

Andrew’s Art

Take a break from Facebook, or whichever Internets-of-choice you prefer, and spend time enjoying images of art created by my friend Andrew. He recently completed his MFA examination.

Congratulations, Andrew!

Trinity Evangelical Church: Family Study

On Sunday our church has a family study before the Covenant Renewal and Worship Service. I recently taught a two week course for the family study on the relationship between Worship, Worldview, and Christian Character. I leaned heavily upon the thinking of J.C. Ryle’s Holiness, James K. A. Smith’s Desiring the Kingdom, Jeff Meyers’ The Lord’s Service, and N. T. Wright’s After You Believe. If you care to listen, you can find audio at