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Evolutionary Theory: Man Alone in the Universe (But With a Conception of God?)

“How primitive man comes upon a conception of God in a world where God does not exists is a conundrum to the mind of the evolutionary naturalist. . . . These religious conceptions demand an explanation, and Darwin pulls an answer out of a hat. He opts for psychological explanation, attempting to attribute man’s spiritual nature to another animal trait. According to Darwin, all notions about the cruder religions and the “more advanced” monotheistic religions (such as Christianity) come from “the same high mental faculties,” and God does not reveal Himself to man. Instead, the evolutionist must view man as alone in the universe, and therefore he will have to figure things out for himself. Darwin concludes that man is becoming more self-aware, more intelligent, more advanced, not because he submits to God’s revelation but because he is evolving into a higher creature. For Darwin, religion is just a phase as the human species evolves into a higher form” (Kevin Swanson, Apostate: The Men Who Destroyed the Christian West, 130-131).