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Sixteenths > Metrics

“One of my jobs as a kid was handing wrenches to my father and older brothers. On any given bolt or nut, the half-inch wrench was a good bet, and if that was too small, the next to try was the five-eighths. If that in turn was too big, maybe we needed a nine-sixteenths. If nothing fit — a frustrating occurrence that happened often enough — we’d curse and say it had to be metric” (John Bemelmans Marciano, Whatever Happened to the Metric System? 4).

Just Wet

“True baptism is of the internal man, by the Holy Spirit, and if that is missing you do not have a Christian inwardly. You do not have a true Christian, but rather a wet member of the visible covenant” (Douglas Wilson, Against the Church, 18).

Music Cycles

“As the bigger picture illustrates beyond any doubt, the record business is inherently cyclical. Fallow periods tend to follow bumper harvests. Today’s predicament, in which an ever-dwindling generation of rock ‘n’ roll impresarios finds itself tiptoeing into the terrifying crosscurrents of the digital age, can only make sense when viewed within a complete time frame. Difficult as market conditions are today, our struggling record business has not become extinct; a tribe of indie diehards is currently trudging through the desert–surviving on weeds, puddles, and their undying belief in music. In fact, today’s open field is probably the place of immense opportunity. When the rivers flow again, the elected will build viaducts, hanging gardens, new temples, and new marketplaces” (Gareth Murphy, Cowboys and Indies: The Epic History of the Music Industry, xi).

Holy From Beginning to End

“The Scriptures are holy from the beginning of them unto the end; they do not savour at all of anything that is earthly and impure; especially the laws of the word are holy, commanding everything that is holy, and forbidding everything that is impure and unholy; whence it is evident that the Scriptures are the word of the holy God, and that the holy men which wrote them were acted herein by the Holy Ghost” (Thomas Vincent, The Shorter Catechism Explained from Scripture, 18).

Born Again Reading

“Although the Bible objectively teaches truth, it does not follow that dead men can read it. A man must be born again if he is to see the kingdom. He must be born again in order to really see the passages of Scripture that point to the kingdom” (Douglas Wilson, Westminster Systematics: Comments and Notes on the Westminster Confession, 8).