Monthly Archives: January 2015

Get Concrete

“It is not enough just to draw a general principle out of a passage (‘you should be holy’). The general principle must be pointed to specific, concrete, everyday situations by asking ‘How? Where? When?'”  (David Murray, How Sermons Work, 115).

Application and Change

“‘Application is the … process by which preachers make scriptural truths so pertinent to members of their congregations that they not only understand how these truths should effect changes in their lives but also feel obligated and perhaps even eager to implement those changes'” (David Murray quoting Jay Adams in How Sermons Work, 107).

Skeleton-Structure in Hiding

“Sermon structures ought to be as simple as possible, with as few divisions as possible…. While arguing for striking and memorable structure, we must still remember that the purpose of any skeleton is to support the body, and keep itself largely out of view” (David Murray, How Sermons Work, 87, 89).