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A Renewed Life in Christ that is Better than the Original Life Lost in Adam

“Lastly, in order to better manifest this incomprehensible goodness, God did not wish that His grace should only equal our crime; He willed that where sin abounds, grace superabounds (Rom. 5:15-21). For this reason, while he was created in the image of God, the first Adam, author of our sin, was earthly, as his frailty showed well (1 Cor. 15:45-47). Jesus Christ, on the contrary, the second Adam, through whom we are saved, while being true and perfect man, is nevertheless the Lord come from Heaven, that is to say, the true God. For, in essence, all the fullness of divinity dwells in Him (Col. 2:9). If the disobedience of Adam made us fall, the righteousness of Jesus Christ gives us more security than we had previously. We hope for life procured by Jesus Christ, better that that which we lost in Adam; even more so as Jesus Christ surpasses Adam” (Theodore Beza, The Christian Faith, 10).

Faith & Knowledge

“At all times, the prophets, Jesus Christ and the Apostles spoke ever and only in the language of the common people, so that they were understood by every man in their nation. . . . Therefore, the Kingdom of God is not a Kingdom of ignorance, but of faith, and, consequently, of knowledge; for it is beyond the ability of anyone to believe that which he is ignorant of” (Theodore Beza, from the “Preface” to The Christian Faith, iv).


Magical Water

“Go visit the Prairies in June, when for scores on scores of miles you wade knee-deep among Tiger-lilies–what is the one charm wanting?–Water–there is not a drop of water there! Were Niagara but a cataract of sand, would you travel your thousand miles to see it?” (Herman Melville, Moby Dick, 3).