Bible Q/A: OT – Genesis

Q/A: OT – Genesis

What is (are) the theme(s) of Genesis? Beginnings, Creation, New Beginnings. The creation of God’s people in Abraham.

In what sense are the respective creation narratives in Genesis 1 and 2 different? Each chapter has its own perspective and focus, the former focus being God’s perspective and the latter focus being man’s perspective.

Where is the Cultural Mandate (aka Dominion Mandate) found? Genesis 1:28.

What do we learn in Genesis 2:24? We learn that a man is to leave his mother and father and cleave to his wife.

What does Genesis 3 cover? It narrates the Fall of man.

What is so important about Genesis 3:15? It is the proto (first, earliest) – gospel (fancy, technical word is protevangelium), it is the first announcement of the redemption to be effected in and through Christ. (This promise called the “mother promise” by Cornelius Van Til.)

What is important about Genesis 3:16? Contains the curse of the woman.

What is important about Genesis 3:17? Contains the curse of Adam.

What is significant about Adam and Eve’s clothing? They were made from animal skins, a shadow affirming the need for blood to be shed to cover/atone for sin (see Leviticus 17:11).

What happens to Adam and Eve in Genesis 3:22-24? They are sent out of the Garden of Eden.

What was Cain’s sin? Cain offered a sacrifice by the sweat of his brow and not by faith (see 1 John 3:12), subsequently he murdered his brother Abel (Genesis 4:8).

Who was the son of Cain? Cain’s son was Enoch, the first man to build a city (Genesis 4:17).

Who is the other Enoch? The other Enoch was a descendant of Seth; he walked with God and God took him (Genesis 5:24).

What does Lamech boast about? He boasts about killing a man (Genesis 4:23-24).

Who was the father of Methuselah? Enoch (Genesis 5:21).

Why did God send a flood? Because man had become thoroughly corrupt and violent (Genesis 6:13, 17).

What does Genesis 6:9 teach about Noah? That Noah was a just man, perfect in his generations, and that he walked with God.

What does Genesis 7:13 denote? It lists the sons of Noah that entered the Ark with him.

Who was Shem? Son of Noah and ancestor of Abraham.

How many days did the flood waters cover the earth? Genesis 7:24 – “The waters prevailed upon the earth an hundred and fifty (150) days.”

With whom does God make a covenant in Genesis 9? God makes a covenant with Abram.

What happens in Genesis 11? Scattering of the nations at the Tower of Babel.

What does Genesis 15:6 teach us about Abram? Abram believed God, counted to him for righteousness

Who is Eliazar? Abram’s heir (before he had sons).

Which acts of God’s judgement are narrated in Genesis 18-19? Judgment of Sodom and Gomorrah

Who are Moab and Benammi? Sons of Lot by his daughters (the fathers of the Moabites and children of Ammon).

What key event occurred in Genesis 22?In obedience, Abraham was going to offer Isaac as a sacrifice — angel of the Lord intercedes and instructs Abraham, “Lay not thine hand upon the lad.”

Who was Rebekah? The wife of Isaac, the mother of the twins Esau and Jacob (Israel).

What does the Lord tell Rebekah in Genesis 25? She is pregnant with Esau and Jacob, and the Lord tells her, “Two nations are in thy womb…the elder [Esau] shall serve the younger [Jacob (Israel)].”

In Genesis 32, why did Jacob give the new name “Peniel” to a place/location?Because at that place Jacob wrestled with God; Jacob named the place Peniel (“facing God”) because he’s saw the appearance of the God and received the Lord’s favor.

Name the wives/concubines of Jacob: Leah, Rachel, Bilhah, and Zilpah.

Who were the sons of Rachel? Joseph and Benjamin.

Who is sold in to slavery in Chapter 37?Joseph is sold by brothers in to slavery.

What is important about the blessing given in Chapter 48? Jacob (Israel) blesses the sons of Joesph, however, Jacob blesses Ephraim (the second born of Joseph) and sets him before his brother Manasseh (the firstborn of Joseph).

Who does Jacob call unto in Chapter 49?Jacob (Israel) called unto his sons; he instructs them and blesses them.