Church of Christ

“The Church of our text [Matt. 16:18] is made up of all true believers in the Lord Jesus Christ, of all who are really holy and converted people. . . . The members of this Church do not all worship God in the same way, or use the same form of government. Some of them are governed by bishops and some of them by elders. Some of them use a prayer-book when they meet for public worship and some of them use none. The thirty-fourth Article of the Church of England most wisely declares, “It is not necessary that ceremonies should be in all places one and alike.” But the members of this Church all come to one throne of grace. They all worship with one heart. They are all led by one Spirit. They are all really and truly holy. They can all say ‘Alleluia,’ and they can all reply, ‘Amen'” (J.C. Ryle, Holiness, 217).