Laughing Out Loud: July 19, 2012

Today I went to McDonalds during my lunch break to grab a drink and read. I was in line ready to place my order, John R. Muether’s biography of Cornelius Van Til in my left hand, and the lady taking my order struck up a conversation:

Lady: What are you reading?
CCS: A biography on Cornelius Van Til.
Lady: Who is that?
CCS: He lived in Indiana for a while when he was young, he was a Reformed Apologist and taught at  Westminster Theological Seminary for several decades.
Lady: An anthropologist?
CCS: No. I said he was a Reformed Apologist.
Lady: What?
CCS: A Christian Apologist.
Lady: Like a philosopher?
CCS: Uhm, sort of.
Lady: Ah, okay. So, like Schopenhauer?