“What would our forefathers have thought had they known that the blessings of their blessings would one day schedule the arrival of blessings as if they were bottles of milk left on the stoop? A soon-to-be-married couple tells themselves, “We figure that we’ll spend a few years after the wedding getting to know each other, just the two of us, and working so we can save money for a house. Then we’ll have our first child, and when he turns four, then we’ll start working on the next. If at that point we have one of each then we’ll probably just quit, and then fiver years after that I can go back to work. If they’re the same, we’ll wait three years and try again.’ God will not be mocked; He who opens and closes the womb will not take orders from yuppie brides” (R. C. Sproul, Jr., Eternity in Our Hearts: Essays on the Good Life, 81).