Oh, Really?

From the entry on ‘Evolution’: “Some fundamentalists wrongly hold that the theory of biological evolution conflicts with the Genesis account of creation, instead of appreciating the admirable picture it offers of God working with wisdom and power “from the inside” to bring about higher forms of life and eventually the emergence of human beings” (Eds. Gerald O’Collins, S.J. and Edward G. Farrugia, S.J., A Concise Dictionary of Theology, 73).


All of that just to show that sometimes when one stands up for Biblical truth, because one is a Biblical absolutist, that said someone runs the risk of being mislabeled. But have no fear. Sacerdotalism is not truth. So, just because somebody waves a label over and around you doesn’t mean that label is efficacious: to spite their invocations, at midnight you will not magically turn in to a fundamentalist.

If you want to call creationists ‘fundamentalists’, then so be it. But you’re wrong: we’re not necessarily fundamentalists — I’m sure that some creationists are fundamentalists, the same way some Roman Catholics are evangelicals, believing in justification by faith, but in those cases I like to think of it as the exception and not the rule.

Oh, how we live in a complicated world. 🙂