Storytelling: Salvation

There are several ways to tell the story of Salvation. An “act” is a division of drama. It is a way to “unitize” the various elements of story. You can tell the story of Salvation with more than one narrative structure.

The Story of Salvation in a Single-Act

Title: The Glory of God
     All is unitized by the structure of the theme “Glory of God”.

The Story of Salvation in Two-Acts

Title: Of God’s Covenant with Man *
     Act 1 – Covenant of Works (made with Adam)
     Act 2 – Covenant of Grace (made with Jesus Christ, the Second Adam)
The Story of Salvation in Three-Acts

Title: A Trinitarian Story in Three Harmonious Acts
     Act 1 – God the Father Chose Us in Christ Before the Foundation of the World **
     Act 2 – Jesus Christ the Son of God is Sent:
          Serves the Father
          Creates a Place (Chosen Humanity) for Spirit to Indwell
          Accomplishes Redemption and Ministers to the Chosen
     Act 3 – Holy Spirit of God is Sent:
          Serves the Father
          Indwells the Place (Chosen Humanity) that Jesus Christ Prepared for Him
          Applies Benefits of Redemption and Ministers to the Chosen

The Story of Salvation in Four-Acts

Title: Sitting Down (Feasting) in the Kingdom of God in Four Scene Changes ***
     Act 1 – People Come From the East
     Act 2 – People Come From the West
     Act 3 – People Come From the North
     Act 4 – People Come From the South
* See Ephesians 1:4.
** See Westminster Confession of Faith, Chapter VII.
*** See structure in Luke 13:29.