The Psalms: Highview Architecture

An excellent summary of the overarching structure — highview architecture — of The Psalms.

The Torah is holy history that becomes Law only in the context of Todah, “Praise and Thanksgiving.


The Canticles that were preserved in the Book of Praise [The Psalms] open with the dynamism of obedience (Psalm 1) and the expectation of the ideal King (Psalm 2). They terminate with the Hallelujah of the final apotheosis (Psalm 150) (Samuel Terrien, The Psalms: Strophic Structure and Theological Commentary, 60).

I had to look up the word “apotheosis” — from the Greek word “to deify” — elevation to divine status, deification, the perfect example.

Also, what a phrase! — “dynamism of obedience” — I love that.