Triune, Thus Creator

God is Triune, thus the Creator. So argues Robert Letham via Herman Bavinck:

“It is impossible to think of creation (this creation, this multifaceted and coherent creation, the only one we know and the only one there is) coming into existence apart from its maker being relational, and so in accordance with his full revelation as triune, as Bavinck so cogently argues. Bavinck goes even further, arguing that ‘without generation [the generation of the Son by the Father] creation would not be possible. If in an absolute sense God could not communicate himself to the Son, he would be even less able, in a relative sense, to communicate himself to his creature. If God were not triune, creation would not be possible.’ This is borne out by hints in the OT of distinction within the unity of the one God” (Robert Letham, The Holy Trinity, 22).