Apologetics: Innate Knowledge

We know that God exists because of innate knowledge. But why? How is it that knowledge of God is innate? What makes that the case? To find the answer we must consider two things about our creaturehood.

1. How are we made? God “spoke” creation into existence ex nihilo, out of nothing. God spoke the scientific things we call “space” and “time” and “matter” into existence, and then like a potter does with a pot, he formed that stuff into things. God formed man out of the dirt of the earth and breathed life into him. This is how God created man.

2. What are we made of? Since God spoke the world into existence and created it out of nothing, that is, he merely spoke and it was so, this means that man is made out of God’s spoken word! This means that everything is made out of God’s spoken words, which are so powerful that the thing said becomes the thing. Divine speech is truly creative and powerful!

What are we made of? Raw material that God spoke into existence, out of nothing. And it is God’s voice that sustains us. As N D Wilson says, we are God’s spoken world. It would make sense then that knowledge of God is innate knowledge.