Books: Introductions – Clarification

Previously I stated that some introductions curse a reader with a plethora of paragraphs, and I still believe that to be true. I thought, however, it would be prudent to add a point of clarification.

Words and paragraphs are good. Lots of words and paragraphs are good (lots of good). My attitude is not, “Man, come on, get to the point now!” It is the opposite. In fact, I rather enjoy the hours upon hours I spend with words and paragraphs (they are great companions) – I enjoy the fact that reading takes time – it is a temporal activity. But what I do not enjoy is excess verbiage. Some authors will say anything and everything, and as a result they reveal that they lack passion and love for anything or anyone (except for their passion for nihilism—that is—nothingness).

As I said earlier, my attitude is not “Man, come on, get to the point now!” Rather, my attitude is, “Man, I really wish you had a point (passion, love, etc) to get to.”