Dominion Religion

“With this expression of spirituality [what the author calls “dominion religion” – a form of spirituality that is derived from application of Genesis 1:28] there is a desire to develop the world for the benefit of others and the glory of God. This development occurs as God’s people are serious about applying His Word to very area of life. It also involves a willingness to make sacrifices to further His kingdom. Although Christians have held this view during much of history, only a minority of Christians seem to be aware of it today. most Christians, at least in America, are of the escapist variety. They see the value of their faith as it applies to their own personal piety, but don’t seem to expect it to have much influence in the world. The kind of change our world needs will only come about with a change in worldview where men do not seek power over one another, but seek power of God to build His kingdom together [CCS: This kingdom building is a liturgical endeavor at its root–involving both worldview and worship.]. There’s only one spiritual option out there today that can bring this about, and it’s the practice of dominion spirituality” (David Bostrom, Get Dominion: You’ve Been Called to Fulfill a Mission, 73).