Eschatology of Hope: Benchmarking Church Growth and Community Impact for a Christian Future

Benchmarks for Community

Loose collection of thought-fragments on the Christian future . . .

  • Construction of brick-and-mortar churches that aren’t going anywhere for a while, i.e., think of Notre Dame de Paris, or Westminster Abbey and St. Paul’s Cathedral in London, but think of them as actually functioning as vibrant churches, instead of being mere landmark or tourist attractions–these brick-and-mortar churches would point to the acts of God in the past as well as the Christian future.
  • Construction of mercy-ministries (predominantly overseen and ran by local churches) with military-like organization and influence/efficacy, e.g., soup-kitchens and rescue missions that provide a segue from homelessness, hunger and poverty, financial and social instability, as well as functioning as a training-ground for developing a professional skillset that in the future might provide a protective-hedge for individuals (and families) from falling back into those vulnerable circumstances.
  • Construction of Christian-mediation groups to assist with legal disputes (outside of courtrooms) between Christians (this work would be only a segue until Christian Law was the law of civic courts). 
  • City-based trans-denominational elders meetings focusing on collaborative/strategic prayer, evangelism, mercy ministry, etc., for shared cultural space. 
  • Closing of abortion-mills, Planned Parenthood facilities, and the like.
  • Closing of Casinos, State Lotteries, etc.
  • Closing of strip-clubs.
  • Closing of wannabe strip-clubs, e.g., restaurants like Hooters, The Tilted-Kilt, etc.
  • Closing of oodles and oodles of Federal, State, and County “Department of whatever-wealth-redistribution-program-comes-to-mind”
What should be added to the list?