Gospel Joy

“‘The gospel is the true power of God in salvation to everyone believing’ (Rom. 1:16), the consolation of the afflicted, the deliverance of the captives (Luke 4:18-19), the life of the dead and lost, the joy of the heart overcoming every feeling. Who would not rejoice in hearing that his enemy (which he is not able to flee, in the full power of which he exists) has been conquered and destroyed? That death and inevitable damnation be turned from him into life and eternal salvation? Hell to the kingdom of heaven? The horror of the company of devils, in the citizenship of heaven and the adoption of the children of God? That which is announced to us by the death of Jesus, who, by the power of the Father who is in Him has saved us, ridding us of our servile fear of the threats of the law, because ‘there is no damnation to those who are in Jesus’ (Rom. 8:1)” (William Farel’s “Summary” (1529) in 16th & 17th Century Reformed Confessions, Vol. 1, 58).