Gospel Story

Michael Horton discusses Christians being “rescripted” by the story of the Gospel:

But as we proclaim the biblical script, from Genesis to Revelation, a unity emerges not only within its pages, nor only within the community of Christ, but also within us individually as we are incorporated into it. It doesn’t happen all at once, at least in our experience. Gradually, we find ourselves identified, chained, and instead of prophesying we find ourselves prophesied to by God himself, addressed as sinners, enemies of God, “aliens and strangers to the promises of God.” That particular, concrete drama of God and Israel becomes our story, our plot. We begin to know ourselves as we come to see how we fit into that drama” (A Better Way: Rediscovering the Drama of God-Centered Worship, 54).

Who does God tell this Gospel story to? God tells this story to, God “rescripts”, “Gentiles as well as Jews.”